Whitmans Auto Care Center

WACC is a full service automotive repair facility servicing import and domestic vehicles. Engines (gas and diesel), transmissions differentials and transfer cases, timing belts, ABS and brake systems, suspension, exhaust, alignment, customizing after market accessories and performance equipment, electrical, batteries (we stock Interstate, the best), fuel systems, steering; you name it, we can do it! We also service extended warranty repairs with direct billing.

Our labor rate is $98 / hour.

Some of the services we offer

Factory Authorized Maintenance -  Servicing vehicles under factory warranty.  We can perform Factory approved services such as oil & filter changes, cooling system service, tune-ups, and other regular scheduled maintenance.

Pre-buy inspection – Enjoy the peace of mind of having that car you are thinking of buying inspected BEFORE you buy it.  Includes a written evaluation and test drive.

Tune Up – Replace spark plugs, scope and adjust as needed, includes throttle body cleaning.  Platinum and double platinum plugs extra.

Lube, Oil, Filter – $29.95 (includes filter and up to 5 qts. oil)

DEQ Diagnosis – $98 We are a DEQ Recognized Automotive Repair Shop (RARS) Certification #:074–001

Brake Service$98 + parts. Diagnostics, Including Anti-lock braking systems. Front OR Rear (per axle), includes most cars and light trucks.

Brake fluid flush - $109.95.  We recommend that the brake fluid be changed every 3 years or approximately 30,000 miles.  Fluids break down due to moisture, heat, age, and debris and should be changed regularly.

Electrical System – Starting and charging systems, electrical wiring, diagnosis and repair, starter and alternator repair.

Cooling system – Coolant leaks and overheating, water pump, thermostat, and radiator replacement.

Steering & Suspension - Tires, shocks & struts, front end service, diagnosis and repair

Alignment – $79.95 Adjust camber, caster and toe as required.

AC service – $98 + refrigerant (R134a  $45.00 / lb )

Comfort Systems – Automatic climate control system, heating and air conditioning system diagnosis, heater core replacement, heated seats, remote start, etc.

Engine Performance – Diagnosis and repair of driveabilty, fuel injection systems, computer and emissions control systems.

Engine Service – Engine diagnosis and repair, timing belts & chains, head gaskets, intake and exhaust manifolds, engine replacement.

Drive Train – Diagnosis and repair of electronic and manually controlled transmission systems, clutch and transmission overhauls, driveline and axle service and replacement, u-joints, ect.

Lens Polishing – Headlights, Taillights, Marker lights, and Cluster gauge.  A composite headlight can cost $200 or more.  Polish it for a fraction of the cost! Typical head light polishing $25.

Security Systems - Alarm system installation and diagnosis, remote start, paging alarms and related alarm instalation issues

Water leak diagnosis – Have soggy seatbelts? Does your rear hatch look like your trying to start a goldfish farm?  We can fix that. We are experienced in fixing pesky water leaks inside the cabin of your vehicle; prevent soggy seatbelts and moldy carpet.

Authorized Intoxalock Intoxalock Installer

Rental Car Special Providing FREE pick-up and drop off! – $30 / Day, less than 1/2 a block away across the street!

MotorVac Injector cleaning service – $149.95 (Fuel filter extra) – Decarbonizes cylinders and valves, clean Throttle body

General Repairs

If you don’t see a service you need, just ask!

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